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Published on 09 November, 2011

Pastoral training brings hope and healing to Haiti

(MNN) — Haiti is seeing large numbers of people coming to Christ–an exciting
development, but one that also brings challenge.

order to be an effective leader, it is critical to be trained effectively. Baptist Haiti Mission comes alongside Haiti's
leaders and gives them Gospel-centered training. 

a few days ago, 70 lay preachers from all over the country traveled to Baptist
Haiti Mission to join a team from the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism
(ABWE). They spent one week in a special
conference learning from a Bible-centered curriculum in Haitian Creole.   

the team taught the day's lesson, they would divide the lay pastors into groups
so they could teach the materials to each other. That would prove they understood what was
being taught.

team used "Tilling, Planting, and Reaping" as the model for effective
evangelism. This method helps lay
leaders to find out the core beliefs of the person they're with when sharing
about Christ. The lay preachers were
again split into groups and encouraged to illustrate this view of
evangelism. Similar to farming, every
stage of sharing Christ with someone is important. 

for the pastors as they return to their home churches eager to share this new
material. Also pray for the ministry
team this week as they are having Sunday School Teachers travel to BHM to be
trained in this curriculum as well. 

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