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Published on 14 June, 2013

Severe storm destroys church, pastor’s home in Monarque

Haiti (MNN) — There's an urgent prayer need coming from Haiti.

"Some severe storms [went] through the island just a few days ago, and a church in a village that we've been working in was utterly destroyed," says CH Dyer of Bright Hope International.

It's a devastating blow at the start of what's forecast to be a tough hurricane season. Along with the church, Pastor Jephthe Lucien's home was leveled, and homes within a 7 to 10-mile radius were also destroyed.

"The church is a center point for life in these villages, and it's a community gathering point," says Dyer. "And so when it's wiped out like that, there's definitely a sense of loss and a feeling of 'Wow, who's here to help me now?'"

That's why exactly why Bright Hope is stepping in.

"People have a need for today: survival. They need food, they need clothing; they need containers for clean water," Dyer states.

"These are the kinds of things that we want to get into that community and are already starting to distribute."

They're also helping the local church rebuild its facility and the pastor's home. To help restore the Monarque community, click here.

"Like many villages in the world, the church is one of the only things they have going there that's really helping people," Dyer says. "Even a gift of $10 would be so meaningful."

Pray that enough funding will come in to rebuild the church and pastor's home. Pray also for opportunities to share the Gospel.

"Pray that the resources would be recovered, and for this to be an opportunity to show the love of Christ to people who may not have ever considered a relationship with [Him]," requests Dyer.

"Maybe now's the time where they could be introduced to Jesus and see how He's interested not only in their physical needs, but their heart and eternal needs as well."

One response to “Severe storm destroys church, pastor’s home in Monarque”

  1. I greet you in the joy of our risen savior Jesus Christ!

    My name is Dwayne Jones and I am a former claasmate (Washington Bible College), friend and co-labourer of the gospel with Pastor Jephthe Lucien during his tenure serving the Lord in the Greater Washington Metropolitan area.

    I have been trying to contact him in an effort to aid and assist those in Haiti. I would greatly apprecite if you could assist me in connecting with him in the very near future.

    In His Services,

    Reverend Dwayne A. Jones, Sr.
    Joy Outreach Ministries

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