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Published on 26 July, 2002

Story number 1 for 26 Jul 2002

(Uganda)–In today’s news, a wave of attacks on villages by guerilla soldiers in northern Uganda, is creating more internal displacement and straining ongoing relief work in the region. Among the groups affected, World Vision International. World Vision’s Robby Muhumuza describes what happened to one of their convoys recently. “They fell into an ambush by the Lord’s Resistance Army. The leading vehicle was blown up, and a number of people were killed. The World Vision vehicle was next in line. Bullets ripped through the windscreen and through the bonnet, [but] miraculously, God was able to protect all the staff of World Vision.” Muhumuza says they’ve taken more security precautions since the ambush. He people to pray for their ministry. “The people in Northern Uganda are very hungry for the Gospel. They’re desperate because they’re concerned about the future and God’s intervention. So in times when we have the teams ready, people are more appreciative and eager to hear the Gospel and believe.”

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