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Published on 03 July, 2000

Story number 1 for 3 Jul 2000

We begin today in Haiti where business and religious groups are condemning election results in that beleaguered country. The election, that many people are calling a fraud, gave former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s party control of the Senate. It also brought rioting and questions about the political stability there. For Haiti with Love’s Don DeHart says despite the trouble they’re continuing to feed people and build homes for the Haitians. “Even though we’ve got a tremendously disappointing and discouraging situation there. We’re able to show people that God has not abandoned them. God loves them. We’re issuing hope through Jesus Christ and his love for them.” However, because of the lack of funding, they’re not building as many homes. He’s encouraging churches and radio stations to get involved. “If I could say to myself, okay, every month I can build a home for somebody, oh you’d make me a very happy missionary.” It costs just four-thousand dollars to build a home.

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