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Published on 31 October, 2002

Story number 1 for 31 Oct 2002

(Philippines)–Topping the news, the Philippines’ president is trying to assure the population that while groups of al Qaeda operatives may be present, they do not currently pose a significant threat. While the terrorism risk has not stopped the work of the Gospel, it has interfered. The International Needs Network’s Beth Flores. “The fear is coming in, but, as Christians, we are also praying that God would intervene as well in that aspect. We have church planters and evangelists in the area of the south. And we have churches in that area that are working with the Muslims.” Flores adds that despite the security troubles in the south, they’ve seen the hand of God. “When we started with the church planting before, God gave us a vision of 200 churches by the end of 2000, and God has answered that prayer and that was really tremendous in how God has provided Filipinos who have a vision; Filipinos who are willing to back to their towns and villages to share the good news of Christ.”

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