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Published on 12 April, 2002

Story number 2 for 12 Apr 2002

(Argentina)–Meanwhile, as Argentina continues in its economic tailspin, Christians are meeting to find ways to effectively reach the lost for Christ. World Help’s Mike Clinton says representatives from every evangelical denomination from every province are meeting this week for the “Evangelizing Our World Inquiry”. “What they’re doing is asking questions of all these leaders to see where is their nation and what needs to be done in the process of evangelization. And so, at the end of this process Argentina is going to have a blue print on the direction that they need to be moving in, in order to evangelize their country most effectively.” Clinton believes Argentina is ready for a great move of God and he expects many to turn to Christ. “Now that they don’t have the resources, they don’t have the money, there’s a sense of need now. Instead of being a place of security and being on top, people are seeking for answers and security and they’re finding that in the Lord.”

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About Argentina

  • Primary Language: Spanish
  • Primary Religion: Christianity
  • Evangelical: 9.1%
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