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Published on 03 January, 2002

Story number 2 for 3 Jan 2002

(India)–Next, tensions continue to be high along the India-Pakistan border. Mission India’s John DeVries says he’s concerned about the conflict having an impact on their work. “We have work in all three of the border states. Obviously any kind of disruption like this would have serious consequences on the work. We’re also very much concerned also about the people along the border. As you’ve seen on the news they’re packing up and running out. However, it seems like in the last couple of days things have quieted down considerable.” Mission India supports Bible based adult literacy and other programs. DeVries would like prayer for their 35-million-dollar initiative over five years to expand this program. “This is the thing the Indian government is very much interested in. They realize they can’t face the future with a nation that’s over 50-percent illiterate. And, it’s probably the most effective way to bring the Gospel to adults in India.”

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  • Primary Language: Hindi
  • Primary Religion: Hinduism
  • Evangelical: 2.2%
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  • Want to Change the World? PRAY.