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Published on 31 May, 2002

Story number 2 for 31 May 2002

(Georgia)–Next, as part of the ongoing U-S led war on terrorism, special forces are in the Georgian Republic. Even as training begins, there are questions about breaches in human rights and religious freedoms. Baptist World Alliance’s Wendy Ryan says one of their leaders confirms trouble, but says it stems from a more localized source. “Malkhaz Songulashvili has been threatened with having his offices burnt down. Already, he has seen this happen. The warehouse in which they house Bibles and other religious books was burnt down, so right now, his ministry is under threat.” Ryan asks people to pray for their workers in Georgia. “The Baptist World Alliance is very concerned that not enough is being done to physically protect the offices and the people. And, already, with the documented cases of religious harassment and criminal activity, that there has not been enough done to bring these perpetrators to justice.”

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