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Published on 13 September, 2001

Story number 3 for 13 Sep 2001

(USA)–Terrorist attacks on the United States are serving as a wake-up call for American missionary and relief workers traveling abroad. That’s the word from World Vision’s security expert Charles Rogers. “I think we’re much more vulnerable than we’ve ever been. I think this event has put us into a whole different situation, a while different category of risk because those of us who are overseas know that if it can happen that easily at home it can happen even more easier overseas where we are especially vulnerable.” Rogers says while it’s too early to tell its full impact, the attack will affect on their work. “I think we can say without any reservation that this is going to profoundly affect the way we do our work and the way we do our ministry. We have to re-assess where we are and what kind of new measures and steps we have to take to enhance our safety.”

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