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Published on 03 January, 2002

Story number 3 for 3 Jan 2002

(Uganda)–As the Ebola virus death toll continues to rise, plans for citywide evangelistic meetings continue in Uganda. Evangelist Sammy Tippit says at the end of the month, he and 23 pastors and evangelists will spread throughout Kampala. “We’ll go to the prisons. We’ll go to the hospitals. We’ll go to the orphanages. We’ll be in places with businessmen, meetings with parliament, government officials. I mean, we’re planning on impacting the entire structure of the city and the community for Christ. And, then we’ll conclude with a major evangelistic campaign in the stadium at the end of the week.” Tippit says disease is on everyone’s mind in Uganda. “The Ebola virus, you know, really puts everyone on edge. It of course is not as wide spread as the AID virus. but I believe there is a sense that life is short, death is certain. And, any time there’s a sense of that then there is a great openness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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