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Published on 07 December, 2001

Story number 3 for 7 Dec 2001

(Kenya)–Poverty tied into corruption. Add to that the decimation of the AIDS in Kenya, and the result is a widening division that threatened to erupt into full-scale unrest. However, that’s where World Vision’s Jon Robb got involved. World Vision launched a prayer initiative alongside outreach, and the result? “There’s a huge hunger to know more about intercessory prayer. Many are being trained, and there’s been a much more peaceful process in the political realm…since the prayer initiative. There’s a 12-hour prayer watch that’s been established, which they hope will become 24-hours by December.” Robb adds that there has been a lot of prayer going into the Constitutional Review prior to next year’s elections. They’ve not only seen reconciliation, but also determined action. “There’s been a real growth of unity among the churches who are know ‘speaking with one voice’. So, we’re very grateful to God for what He’s doing in that nation. There are a number of committed Christians who are going to run for political office as well, to get in and do what they can to bring reform.”

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  • Evangelical: 48.9%
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