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Published on 10 July, 2003

Story number 4 for 10 Jul 2003

(Africa)–Elsewhere, a shift in Worldwide Christian Schools’ Africa education programs leads to growth. Spokesman Dale Dieleman says the trend they note is to forward thinking. “What they’re really doing in the requests that they’re making, [is asking for] seed money for self-start, for self-initiated income generation projects, where they can continue to go along on their own and not rely so heavily on the ups and downs of international donations.” Dieleman says the next step in support of their schools comes not only in prayer, but also in teamwork. “We need to cooperate in terms of various international organizations working on community development on local levels; low-tech, high sustainability local inititiatives. I think those are the kinds of things that will really make a difference, particularly as communities become less and less dependent on, not only foreign dollars, but also their own governments.”

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