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Published on 13 May, 2002

Story number 4 for 13 May 2002

(Haiti) — Meanwhile, as Haiti continues to reel from an unstable government and a poor economy, at least one church in the country is seeing a great spiritual harvest. Pastor Israel Izidor is supported by Rays of Hope, a Grand Rapids, Michigan based ministry. Izidor says he started his church with just his family in 1992 and it has seen tremendous growth. “Now we have about 300 people worshiping in that congregation. I have a missionary training center every Saturday. We use schools as a means of evangelism also. But, the big problem is to find money to pay the teachers because most of the parents do not have money and the children cannot find food to eat.” Izidor’s ministry in Les Cayes (luh-KY) is seeing many people turn to Christ, while Christians are catching the vision for ministry. He’s asking people to pray for those completing missionary training that they’ll be effective in reaching the lost for Christ.

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About Haiti

  • Primary Language: French
  • Primary Religion: Christianity
  • Evangelical: 16.0%
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