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Published on 14 July, 2000

Story number 4 for 14 Jul 2000

Next, the people of Venezuela are still reeling from the devastating flooding and mudslide that wiped out entire villages and killed thousands of people last December. Medical Ambassador’s Aubrey McGann accompanied a group of doctors and nurses to the area. “We had 9 days of clinics. We saw 1,000 patients at that time. The doctors and nurses treated them and gave medication. We had witnessing teams that would share the Gospel. And, after the clinics were over we had evangelistic meetings at which I preach and saw quite a large number of people come to Christ.” According to McGann they barely scratched the surface with their work. Many more doctors and nurses are needed. He says providing health care is an open door to evangelism. “They’re also very open to the Gospel. They’re so desperate that any who shows concern for them and just is willing to demonstrate the love of Christ to them, they’re willing to listen to what you have to say, at least.”

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