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Published on 09 October, 2000

Story number 4 for 9 Oct 2000

Elsewhere, the campaign for Haiti’s presidency and nine senate seats is underway in an election expected to see Jean-Bertrand Aristide returned to power. However, the problem is that the people have little or no confidence in their government. Medical Ambassador International’s John McWilliam says many are disillusioned. “There’s really a pervasive, negative spirit in Haiti. This is one of the big problems is that they’ve not seen anything happen positive for helping with their own needs for so long that people have a very negative attitude. Of course, we’re trying to counter this by training and teaching them and helping them.” McWilliam says their work focuses on community health evangelists, and needs support. “Pray for the training team. Voodoo is very strong in Haiti. There’s a tremendous spiritual warfare going on in that country.”

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