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Published on 14 November, 2007

Strategic partnership leads to more holistic ministry

Uganda (MNN) — A strategic partnership between Compassion International and Opportunity International began slowly last year.

Now, Compassion international has committed to investing five million dollars into Opportunity's work with microfinance in the areas where they have child sponsorship programs.  This joint effort will help reach families and the community in a more
effective way.

This will allow Opportunity to expand its efforts in Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda. Parents of sponsored children in those places will be sought after to receive loans, insurance,
savings accounts, and training in business. "We see this as a win-win situation
because when a community is getting better and they're able to have jobs, it will have a trickle-down effect. It's going to affect the different families in the Compassion assisted areas. So we see this as we can't lose," said Julie Koshy of Compassion International.

Their combined efforts aimed at children and their parents will have a multiplied effect in
the surrounding communities. Koshy says the help people receive is more than a moral obligation. "It is very crucial that people understand that when they're getting these loans, or when they're getting help from compassion through our church-based program, it is through the love of Christ." 

Last year, Compassion awarded Opportunity International $180,000 to open programs in three
new rural areas of Uganda. Opportunity, from there, gave more than $11.5 million in loans to more than 25,000 people. 

You can sponsor a child with Compassion International or donate to Opportunity International for
future loans to those living in poverty.

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