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Published on 02 August, 2013

Syrian crisis grows.

Syria (GAN/MNN) — The United Nations has registered more than 1.6 million refugees coming out of Syria, with roughly 200,000 waiting to be registered.

Now, more than ever, help is needed. Global Aid Network (GAiN USA) has already committed to ministering to and serving these refugees, meeting both physical and emotional needs.

(Image courtesy Global Aid Network)

(Image courtesy Global Aid Network)

As they made the needs known, God’s people responded. The latest report from the ministry shows that by God’s grace and through donor generosity, over $37,244.32 has been given to support GAiN USA’s Compassionate Care Unit (CCU) crisis ministry team.

GAiN shared one story from a woman they helped, named Rouba. She was forced to flee her home with her family, including her one-year-old daughter. Rouba shared: “You have taken time to come to my home, to listen to my story, and hold my hand while I cried. I feel more encouraged…like I have been seen and not forgotten.”

They’re also providing for physical needs through the Survival Pack. $40 provides enough food to feed a family of five for one month. And when you provide food, you help our partners provide emotional and spiritual hope.

This is the critical work of the CCU. By implementing a highly relational approach to emotional and social care, Global Aid Network’s Compassionate Care Unit and its partners will more effectively be the compassionate hands and feet of Jesus.


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About Syria

  • Primary Language: Arabic, Standard
  • Primary Religion: Islam
  • Evangelical: 0.1%
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Call to action

  • Ask God to provide the resources needed to respond to the needs.
  • Pray wisdom for partners as they help the refugees.
  • Ask God for Gospel opportunities.

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