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Published on 16 August, 2006

Tech center is helping spread the Gospel

USA (MNN) — HCJB World Radio is celebrating 75 years of service. The organization not only broadcasts the Gospel around the world through radio, but it also provides production assistance and medical care. HCJB also is a technological leader, supporting for Christian radio stations all over the world.

The HCJB World Radio Engineering Center provides that support. The Center’s Manager David Russell says it started off focusing on shortwave radio. “The engineering center was designed and put into place in 1986 with the specific purpose of building high powered shortwave transmitters that would be used for carrying out the vision that was called, ‘World By 2000,’ now it’s called ‘World By Radio.'”

However, with the fall of communism in Eastern Europe and open doors elsewhere, Russell says the center is now focused on, “Local radio and have come up with a line of low powered transmitters, both FM and shortwave and also antenna systems to go with those. And, in support of ongoing radio operations, we’ve become pretty involved in radio automation, helping with streaming and satellite as well.”

According to Russell, the engineering center is funded by the sales of their innovative transmitter designs and cutting edge technology. Digital AM or Short-wav radio, or DRM technology, is very expensive. But, he says, it won’t be. “One of our engineers here at the engineering center, was the very first to come up with a practical way to implement the DRM technology, an actual design, and we now have our very own DRM modulator here, to make DRM technology affordable to HCJB and our ministry partners.”

Digital technology is expected to be more pervasive in three to five years and HCJB World Radio is ready for the change.

The bottom line is to provide technology that will allow millions worldwide to hear the Gospel. To date, HCJB has helped provide local radio to people in more than 100 countries. Funding is needed to help support technological advances, supplies, and production of new equipment.

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