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Tension mounts in Haiti in post-election wait.

By February 15, 2006

Haiti (MNN)–Haiti is turmoil waiting for a catalyst. In the days since an election where 63-percent of the public turned out to vote, instability looms as the count continues.

Violent protests and fraud accusations add to the volatile mix. Thousands stormed the roads accusing election officials of manipulating vote counts to deprive their candidate of choice of a first-round victory.

The protestors are awaiting an official statement from Rene Preval, who had just under 49 percent of the vote with most ballots counted. If he didn’t win the first round outright with the 50 percentl needed, it would trigger a second round of voting, and likely more rioting and protests.

The situation complicates travel and outreach. But, Men For Missions’ Bill Evans says: “The work still continues.” Their on-the-ground team remains dedicated to their work, but could use some help. That, Evans adds, could take a while. “We pray just as soon as we can get in, safely, that that’ll continue to go on. We’re very cautious about how we interact and where we go. We’ve got a number that continue to use short-term missionaries that we send in–we do still have some folks there.”

Men For Missions is the layman’s voice of OMS International. Evans urges prayer during the coming days of transition. Radio 4VEH will broadcast only official reports from the office of the oganization of American States in Port-au-Prince.

Even with threatened instability, their team’s outreach will be focused on sharing the peace of Christ. “Radio 4VEH has had a full schedule of broadcasting. Of course, 4 VEH has always endeavored to not be a political station. However, what they do offer is peace.”

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