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Published on 26 May, 2011

The fight in Libya intensifies as does the refugee crisis and prayer

Libya (SAT7/MNN) — The continent marked Africa Day
Wednesday despite ongoing turmoil in Libya. NATO increased its pressure on Tripoli, as rebels continued their fight
to oust long-time leader Muammar Gaddafi.

International aid agencies estimate that nearly 750,000
people have fled Libya since the rebellion broke out.

However, not everyone can leave. As the situation in Libya deteriorates, the Christians
who are choosing to stay get discipleship and encouragement from SAT-7
broadcasts in the name of Christ. SAT-7
is a satellite television service for Christians in the Middle East and North
Africa; their outreach includes SAT-7 ARABIC, SAT-7PARS, SAT-7 TURK and SAT-7 KIDS.

A SAT-7 Communications Officer explains
that "we want to show the Church in action, the Church responding, the
Church praying and the Church doing things to bring God's light and His hope to
these kinds of situations."

We also reported earlier that SAT-7 is also in touch with
churches who are responding on the ground near the Tunisian and Egyptian
borders. SAT-7 teams on the borders have
been able to cover how churches are helping.

For those who haven't connected with the teams or with the
network of churches, the programs become a public forum on which viewers can
share their concerns. Responses from recent live broadcasts
demonstrate the need for ongoing prayer on behalf of isolated believers. 

Prayer and other kinds of support on their behalf mean that
SAT-7 can continue to encourage by bringing a message of hope through their
satellite television programs. The ministry is encouraging those who can access
programming to pray for peace, for wisdom, and for God to comfort and sustain believers
during this time. 

With an estimated viewing audience of over 15 million people,
that's a lot of prayer warriors storming the gates of Heaven on behalf of the
remnant church in Libya.   



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