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Published on 05 October, 2012

Time to act for Bible distribution ministry

Undated (MNN) — Bibles For the World is in some of the most difficult places on earth.

Their most recent projects involve both Pakistan and Nepal, both of which have been dealing with rising anti-Christian sentiment. Similarly, both countries have toyed with anti-conversion legislation, and Pakistan already has a blasphemy law in place.

Believers have established networks throughout both countries that can handle discipleship and distribution issues. When the moment comes, they're ready to move quickly.

For example, in Pakistan, there are a series of Religious Festivals. At this time, with the government's permission, Christians can distribute Scripture portions. Mawii Pudaite with BFTW says in this context, anyone who wants a copy of God's Word can have one. "The Lord has provided–through partners like you–for the printing of 50,000 copies of the Urdu Gospel of John this month. And these are being given out–free of cost–at the Festivals, and they are begging us for more."

Meanwhile in Nepal, the Communist-led government could change their policy of Freedom of Religion without warning. Doors are open in the interim while a new Constitution is being drafted, and there is tremendous excitement among the Church and Christian leaders.

These Christian workers are organizing and launching the distribution and follow-up ministries of the Gospel of John. "500,000 Nepali Gospels of John have been printed and also 50,000 Nepali N.T. are being readied for follow-up ministries."

Discipleship is another issue. BFTW also provides leadership training and development for indigenous church leaders. Training aside, Pudaite notes the vision of the ministry remains unchanged. Their message is simple: "One of the most effective and simplest ways to be His witness is to share His Word with those who have not heard His Name."

However, she adds that it's a drop in the bucket. There are more than 29 million people in Nepal. With the church network's distribution help, those who read the Gospel of John and request the entire New Testament will be provided with a copy immediately. "We believe," Pudaite says, that "as His Word is distributed widely, the Lord will plant more Churches in the cities, towns, and villages of Nepal."

In a time when anti-Christian sentiment seems to be global and intensifying, these projects can't move forward without prayer support. "Let us pray as copies of the Gospel of John and New Testaments are being distributed this month in the countries of Pakistan and Nepal."

Funds, or the lack thereof, limit the scope of any of their distributions. Pudaite explains, "To print and distribute the Gospel of John, the cost is 25 cents per copy. A gift of $25 will reach 100 families with God's Word."

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