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Published on 07 May, 2007

Translators Lift Hearing Impaired from Isolation

Central Asia (MNN) — The hearing-impaired cannot hear the Gospel, so Bible League is showing it to them.

For the past five years Bible League has been training sign-language translators. There are currently 30 translators actively signing in churches in a restricted part of Central Asia.  Translators have helped connect the deaf to Bible studies and worship as well as offer personal spiritual nurturing. 

Nearly 1,000 people in one country have been lifted out of the social isolation that happens as a result of deafness. "These dedicated Christians have become vital links between the deaf and the hearing," said Bible League's director.  Sixty-two Bible studies and eight worship groups have begun since the start of this ministry five years ago.   

Now twice as many churches (60) are asking for translators. "The deaf don't say ‘I heard the Gospel,' but ‘I saw the Gospel,'" said Bible League's director of Central Asia ministry. "Our task is to help these 60 churches in [a restricted part of CentralAsia] reach out to these people in their communities."

This area has several hundred thousand deaf people. A majority of hearing-impairment cases are caused by a lack of proper medical treatment. The World Health Organization reports that 80-percent of all hearing-impaired live in countries with a lower quality of life.

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