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Published on 12 November, 2004

World Vision resumes work in Liberia.

Liberia (MNN)–Liberia’s landscape and people show a country torn by war and its aftermath.

As hundreds of refugees now head back home, they’re finding no infrastructure to speak of. In light of this, World Vision Liberia has reopened nine of the ten clinics it closed down two years ago, with the help of UNICEF and WV Canada.

The closures were due to the fighting in area between rebels and government of former President Charles Taylor. As teams help restore health and the nutritional services to remote villages, they are representing the hands and feet of Christ to the communities they assist.

Time and again the World Vision family marshals full-scale relief efforts in response to crises, while continuing to carry out their ongoing development activities in these and other nations.

With the nine newly-opened clinics, that means there are a total of 14 similar facilities being run by WV Liberia, with the others located in and around the Liberian capital, Monrovia, mainly for Internally Displaced Peoples.

Pray for the staff as they resume their outreach.

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  • Primary Language: English
  • Primary Religion: Ethnic Religions
  • Evangelical: 14.6%
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