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Published on 01 November, 2013

Would Jesus Eat Frybread?


‘Would Jesus Eat Frybread?’  This phrase isn’t actually viewed as a question, but more as something to be talked about. The question itself is the theme of a conference being held this November in Washington (the state).

If you are a Native American, Native Alaskan or Native Hawaiian student or faculty, you are invited to join us at the ‘Would Jesus Eat Frybread?’ Conference. If this conference is for the people groups listed above, how do you really know it’s something for you?

  • If you are someone who grew up in your Native community and you wonder if you can follow Jesus and honor your traditions, this conference is for you.
  • If you are someone who grew up away from your Native community, and you wonder if you are Native enough, this conference is for you.
  • Or, if no one around you would guess that you are Native, but you would really like to learn more about that aspect of your ethnic identity, this conference is for you.
  • If you want to laugh with other Natives, to be blessed by elders, to eat traditional Yakama foods and to listen to their traditional stories, this conference is for you.
  • If you want to be led in worship by a Native person and to hear how Jesus brought healing to a family that had experienced abuse, this conference is for you.
  • If you are looking for hope, healing and harmony in your life, this conference is for you.


Last year Native students from Maryland to Minnesota and New Mexico to North Dakota, Alaska and Hawaii gathered to ask, ‘Would Jesus Eat Frybread?’ The answer transformed them and empowered them to be more fully who Creator made them to be.

Even if this conference sounds of interest to you, but you don’t fit the ‘qualifications’, please don’t think you couldn’t have a part in making a difference. You can be the one who sponsors a native student to attend this conference.

For more information about the conference and conference details visit InterVasity Christian Fellowship’s facebook page at: .

Or check out this informational video!

Pray questions will be answered and lives will be changed at this conference.

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Call to action

  • Pray questions will be answered and lives will be changed at this conference

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