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February 2009

NRB Wrap up

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It’s been a few days since I returned from the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. I thought I would give you all an update on what happened while I was there.

On Saturday, February 7, Mission Network News was awarded the NRB’s Short Feature Program of the year. We were nominated and selected by our peers to win the award. It was humbling and exciting. Afterward, during the radio reception, I was able to talk with dozens of radio stations who said our award was well deserved and shared their passion for what we were doing. Sometimes we feel like we’re an island. But on Saturday we didn’t.

MNN wins NRB Award

Sunday, I attended an incredible worship service. It featured Paul Beloche, Selah, and John MacArthur. It was an amazing service. MacAurthur talked about slaves to Christ. We’re selected, paid for, provided for, disciplined, and loved by the Master. It’s still amazing that God loves me.

Then on Monday, Mission Network News was given another award, this time by Open Doors USA. It was the first annual “Passion for the Persecuted” award.

Then, I came home. It was a great time to see old colleagues (and they’re getting older). There didn’t seem to be as many people as there usually is at NRB. Probably economic difficulties.

Mission Network News at NRB

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I’m on my way to Nashville for the National Religious Broadcasters Convention!!

For those of you who know me, this is NOT my favorite place to visit. Albeit a necessity, especially this year. Actually, because of the downturn in the economy, I wasn’t planning to attend this year. I figure since donations were down and our budgeted expenditures are more aggressive this year because of some planned programming changes, I would stay home and save some money.  But, things changed.

To my surprised, our broadcasting peers named Mission Network News National Religious Broadcasters best short feature program of the year. Then, Open Doors USA is honoring MNN with the Passion of the Persecuted award. Both of these awards are being presented at this conference. So, I decided (with the help of my staff) to go to NRB to receive the awards in person.

Actually, it isn’t costing that much, either. Cornerstone University had some “Biz Perks” award points saved, so I got to fly for $50. I don’t need a car. So, I’m only paying my conference fees and hotel room for two nights (even though THAT’S expensive).

I also hope to meet with a number of radio stations, talk with many of our partner ministries and potential partners, and renew friendships.

However, this conference is not on the forefront of my attention. Have you ever had someone in your life that God used to spiritually change your whole life?  Pastor Dan Cummings was that person in my life (see  He was diagnosed with stage four cancer last March. On Thursday, February 5, 2009 — (the man I called Oh captain, my captain) was called to Heaven. His funeral in Monday. My heart aches because I can’t be there. I true wish I could honor him in a way fitting for someone I hold in such high esteem. One of the award ceremonies is 30 minutes after the funeral. For me to cancel would create an incredible headache for the ministry that’s giving it to us. While we’re receiving an award from man, I can’t help but think about the reward Dan’s experiencing right now of being in the presence of Jehovah.

Be praying for the Cummings family (his wife, daughter and two sons) as they’re missing their husband and father right now. Also for his church, Five Points Community Church as they’ve lost their Shepherd.