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Going To Guatemala

By October 9, 2009 No Comments

Well, it’s almost here. Our second Mission Network News/Orphan Outreach trip to Guatemala. We are traveling to the Santiago area of the MNN's Greg Yoder with a Gautemalan orphan in where a few years ago a mudslide destroyed villages. Many people in the area are still living in make-shift housing. Food is scarce. And, medical treatment is expensive and not available for most. Utter poverty is rampant.

The Mission Network News/Orphan outreach team of 22 is traveling there October 10-17 to provide medical care, love and most importantly the Gospel to those who have lost hope.

Orphan Outreach is an organization that is totally dedicated to glorifying the Lord in reaching out to the orphans He loves throughout the world. They provide early intervention, education, spiritual development and improve the lives of those children living in substandard situations. 

Many in this area include children. We discovered the need in this area last year. We traveled there to hold vacation Bible school programs in schools and orphanages across the country.

I’ll be providing information about our outreach, which will be a challenge. We’ll be landing in Guatemala City on Saturday and immediately getting on a bus and traveling four to six hours to Santiago to a city called Panabaj. We’ll be working with Pastor Diego at the Good Shepherd Church. He has a thriving ministry and just started a Christian school last January.

While the church is in Panabaj, we’ll be traveling from there to surrounding villages where the needs are so great.

Be praying for us. We all feel like the evil one doesn’t want us to go. Pray for our health, safety on the roads and that God would go before us and prepare the hearts of those we’ll be serving.

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