We made it to Santiago

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Got up this morning at 3:30 am so I could catch a plane to Houston, TX and then on my way to Guatemala. Everything went as planned — until the airport.  I parked in the long term parking, but there was only one shuttle bus working — so, I rode around for 20 minutes picking people up before I was dropped off at the terminal. But, since I’m one of the leaders — it wasn’t good to be late. We all made it, though.

However, all went south when we got to Guatemala.  As you know, we have a team of doctors and nurse with us to do a medical mission in Santiago. However, the customs officers had other ideas. They found all of the drugs we had to treat the sick, and took them. They told us we needed to have an import/export license in order to get the drugs into the country. The group we’re traveling with has never had this happen to them before. So, we’re wondering what’s going to happen. We’re told we can get one — but it’ll take three business days. That means we won’t get the drugs until Wednesday at the earliest. Please pray that God will change the hearts of the customs agents to allow the meds to get through so we can help the people.

A few of us had to stay at the airport to figure out the prescription issue, so we left the airport after the main group. We left the airport and traveled a number of hours by bus to Santiago. It was a wet drive. Very cloudy.  We arrived a little before 7:00pm. We ate dinner. What was on the menu?  Yep — chicken. You’ll find that will be the most common food we eat here. All kinds of chicken — chicken salad, fried chicken, baked chicken, boiled chicken, chicken soup — and fries. Tonight’s dinner was GREAT!

Well, not much else to report. So, I will call it a night.  I will post pictures and video tomorrow if we have a good internet connection.

Pray for us. We feel like we’re following God’s will, but we also feel forces that don’t want us here.


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