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Orphan Outreach medical clinic day 2

By October 14, 2009 No Comments

We woke up to a hazy beautiful morning in Panabaj, Guatemala. We traveled the five minutes to the Baptist Camp where we’re holding the medical clinic. There were even MORE people waiting to be treated this morning. Yesterday we ran low on pain medication and vitamins for children. However, our team was able to purchase pain medication here and they also were able to break adult vitamins in two.

We saw more unique cases today. Dr. Sandy VanDeWeert discovered a five year old boy with a significant heart ailment. It was a heart mummer that she was concerned about. Dr. Brenda Zook also had to purform a minor surgery to remove what appeared to be a skin cancer on an 80 year old man. (see my video on YouTube.com/MissionNetworkNews)  I actually got to assist Dr. Zook on this surgery. Don’t be concerned, the only thing I did was open the scalpel, take the video and clean up afterward. But, I wanted to do more.

Today, John Baylo and I spent more time being security guards. After school let out, many of the kids decided that the camp compound was a great place to ‘hang-out.’ And, it IS. But, not when you’re trying to have a medical clinic. But, Orphan Outreach is all about kids so our team rallied. We played games — soccer, jump rope, bubbles, tug-o-war, tag, chase the kid out of the clinic, and other games for overly rambunctious children. We also had tickle fights and paint the fingernails for the girls.

The highlight of the day, however, was to hear that they young boy who had a defective heart was able to hear the Gospel clearly. We also heard that many patients prayed with the team of interpreters, and a few even committed to attending church at Pastor Diego’s church.

Today we heard that SOME of the medicine we brought into Guatemala will be released. We’re not sure how much, or at what time. But, we’re praying all of it will make its way to us.  Keep praying that meds will arrive and that God will continue to use our team to be salt and light to a community who is suffering from anxiety and more from the mud slide four years ago and the economic downturn.

You can see video of our trip at http://www.YouTube.com/MissionNetworkNews.

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