Medical Clinic Final Day

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Thursday, October 15 was the final day of the clinic in Panabaj. We started the day with breakfast. I managed to swallow a few eggs, but wasn’t able to get the strength to go out. The plan was to head to the Good Shepherd Church to see the new school, then go back to the clinic to finish up.

That’s exactly what was done. The school is a ministry that was started by Pastor Diego with the help of Orphan Outreach. Orphan Outreach helped raise the money needed to convert sunday school rooms to classrooms. They also help raising money for scholarships for the kids who attend the school. Right now the school is grades k through 4. They want to add 5th and 6th grades soon.

Following the visit at the school, the team returned to the Baptist Camp to finish up the clinic. Thursday morning saw a bus from Cero de Oro, a village where people are so poor they’re giving up their children because they can’t afford to keep them.  One child from the village was brought to the clinic where a child was brain damaged during two days of child birth. One of our team members, Kristy Simpson, is a physical therapist at a rehabilitation hospital in Grand Rapids. She was able to help the family with some therapy.

By the afternoon, the Orphan Outreach team was able to treat and share the Gospel with almost 1,000people. We also we able to spend hours of time with the neighborhood kids playing soccer, sharing Bible stories, giving them tooth brushes and tooth paste and providing a way for the Good Shepherd Church to be even more relevant in their community.

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