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Sickness hits Guatemala team – Day 3

By October 18, 2009 No Comments

Sickness hit the Guatemala team. It started with Judy on Sunday. Tuesday night it hit me. I was working on the MNN update around 10:00pm and I started getting the chills.  I was sitting with John Balyo at WCSG and I couldn’t stop shivering. Then, the call of nature called LOUDLY. I ran to my cabin to prevent a mess. And, that was it!

I spent all of Wednesday and most of Thursday in my room flat on my back, sleeping and running back and forth to the bathroom.  I wish I could tell you it was something I ate, but it wasn’t.

The team carried on without me (shows how much they needed me LOL). They were able to see even more people on Wednesday. The day started like all the others, sun shine, a line outside the Baptist Camp compound and a willing medical and gospel team willing to welcome each one.

Rosa was one little girl that grabbed the attention of Judy Hop. She was a little girl with ‘weepy’ eyes, matted hair, a small looking head. She looked about four years old. She came to the clinic without her parents. She was in need of medical care, but because she wasn’t with her parents, we could give her any treatment. The team took here back to get checked out. She didn’t want to. She fought it. But, finally she allowed the doctors to take a look at her. During that time she said, through translators, that she was known as ‘the town retard’ and that nobody liked her. The team told her that we had medicine that could help her eyes and her stomach ache, but we needed her parents to come to learn how to treat her. She left, but never returned. We can only pray that the love we showed Rosa will speak volumes to her. She did hear the Gospel. Pray God uses this in her life.

Others got sick during the day. Despite the sickness God is still working in the hearts of the team.

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