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Urbana 09 – Why are you here?

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Day two at Urbana ’09 started out with a focus on invading people’s privacy. MNN’s Greg Yoder is in St. Louis, Missouri covering it, Greg.

Yesterday, Atallah used the text of John 1 to challenge students to use Jesus’ model of evangelism. In this particular story, Jesus calls Philip to follow Him. Philip in turn brings Nathanael to the ministry, despite Nathanael’s skeptical attitude. Atallah says the picture we get from this is clear.

“We need to all seek the willing, whether they be seekers or skeptics,” says Atallah. “We need to seek anybody who’s willing to listen. There are many people like Nathanael around us who God may be preparing.”

But is it too high a call to ask students to reach out to people who may not believe anything they hear about Scripture? Student Ryan Calin from Minnesota says he and his friends are prepared to spread the Gospel even to Nathanael-like skeptics.

Urbana ’09 – Why are you Here story

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