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From the Midwest to Mumbai

By February 12, 2013 One Comment

Anyone who knows me well knows the fire God put in my heart for India, and especially the Dalits. They’re the social lepers of India, a people once labeled “untouchable”. We’ve written hundreds of stories about the Dalits at MNN, and every time we get a news alert from our partners, I’m eager to see how God is working among them.

Over the next two weeks, I don’t have to wait for a story to come in to hear how God is working. I get to see it first-hand.

I’ll be traveling from Delhi in northern India all the way to the southern state of Tamil Nadu. I’m expecting to see how God is working among orphans, widows, Dalits & indigenous missionaries. Each day, I’ll be sharing what I experience with our followers on MNN, Facebook, & Twitter.

As I sit at the airport waiting for my delayed flight, I can’t help but wonder – how will God change me? I’m eager to see how God is changing lives in India, but how will I change as a result? How will this trip affect our marriage? Jeff & I have only been married for 8 months, and this is the longest time we’ll be apart – it’s been a struggle already, and I haven’t even left yet! How will God comfort us during this time of separation?

These questions & so many more are pop-corning around my mind like grasshoppers in a jar. Hopefully I’ll have some answers/insights for you in the coming days!

One Comment

  • nan kingsbury says:

    Thank you for making your journey come alive!
    It’s SO hard not to be able to hear your voice on the phone everyday, but your amazing writing style makes me feel as I’m right there with you 🙂
    It’s such a blessing for me to see you live out your dreams!
    Love you,

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