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The View From India

By February 23, 2013 One Comment

Since 2007, I’ve had such a passion for India. I’ve always been on the outside looking in though, seeing its oppression, cruel injustice and spiritual hunger from my comfortable life in America. I’ve always wanted to do SOMETHING to fix it – to be a voice for the voiceless in India, to let the world know about the struggles Christians here face.

Now that I’m actually in the place I’ve only prayed, read and written about, I’m getting a surprising view as I turn and look back at the country I left behind. Don’t get me wrong; the Indian believers are NOT bashing the U.S. or anything like that. I’m saying all of this from personal observations and reflections.

In many ways, the Church here is so much stronger than in America. Here, it feels like the New Testament has come to lifeā€¦I can’t really say the same for the U.S.

In India, prayer and fasting are such a priority. They seek God before any and every major decision. When’s the last time I did that? When is prayer and fasting ever a priority of ours? It’s wise to seek counsel from godly friends and parents, but is that really a priority over seeking the face of God? He’s already got the plan of our lives written. Why do we hesitate to ask Him which direction we should take?

Another thing I’ve observed is the importance of repentance. A very wise man said today, “When in doubt, repent.” I can’t remember the last time anyone (including myself) made repentance a priority or a possible source of the problems we face. I’m not well-versed in Scripture or claim to have a vast knowledge of God, but did you ever consider that maybe we face certain challenges because there’s a sin we haven’t turned from?

These are just a couple of things that have stood out to me so far, and I’m sure there will be plenty more! Stay tuned for updates.

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One Comment

  • Dr raj Alanka says:

    I am so happy for all your observations for India. Yes, we are strong in The Lord. But yet we also, as a Church, are batteling with many issues. Especially the post modern theological teachings and wrong teachings that are emerging from other countries are confusing & invading many churches in India. Lack of in depth scriptural knowledge also is another problem. In the name of globalization, the pure Christian also going away from his own culture which is becoming like a block to other unbelievers. Pray that God help the Church in India to overcome these issues.

    God bless for all your heart & love for Jesus & India.

    -Dr Raj Alanka
    Reach All for Jesus -RAJ- Ministries

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