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Christian-Catholic coalition issues global call to prayer

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Global Call for Prayer and Fasting for Peace as Tensions Escalate Between the West, Russia, and Ukraine

As fears grow that Russia and Ukraine could ignite WWIII, a large Christian coalition is urgently mobilizing a 40 day prayer campaign for peace to begin Monday, April 28th 2014.

The world also faces unprecedented global financial crises, record-breaking natural disasters, and attacks against life, family, and religious freedom. As soon-to-be saint Pope John Paul II said about the power of prayer and fasting, “Jesus himself has shown us by his own example that prayer and fasting are the first and most effective weapons against the forces of evil,” (Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae 1994).

Last September 7th, Pope Francis called the world to a prayer and fasting vigil for peace. More than a hundred thousand people gathered in St. Peter’s Square in response to Pope Francis’ appeal. He said, “I ask the Lord that we Christians, and our brothers and sisters of other religions, and every man and woman of good will, cry out forcefully: Violence and War are never the way to peace.”

The Pope began by praying the Rosary and at the end he invoked Mary “Queen of Peace, pray for us.” The Pope wrote to his nine million followers on Twitter, “Pray for peace.”

To help combat these alarming threats, a grassroots Coalition of Catholic and Christian organizations worldwide are mobilizing for the 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Peace.

Coalition chairperson Maureen Flynn says, “Many news broadcasters and religious commentators speak today about our global financial crisis, the scandals of our administration, and the global imminent threat of world war. However, few speak about our rapid spiritual and moral decline, which manifest in our families and our nations. Many people believe that America is now under God’s judgment. In addition to the concern over the state of our global economies and the violence in our world, there should be outrage and sorrow over the daily destruction of over 4,000 unborn babies in America through abortion, the euthanizing of our elderly, and the mass shootings of our youth, etc.”

We must remember, Our Lord is a God of Mercy and He responds to our repentance and prayers. As individuals, as families, and as nations we must pray and fast for a return to a moral and spiritual nation founded on God.

Learn more here:

Pray for Afghanistan: Day 3

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An Afghan worker verifies the identification card of a resident at a polling center in the Matun district of the Khost province of Afghanistan Sept. 18, 2010, during parliamentary elections.  (Image, caption courtesy U.S. Dept of Defense via Flickr)

An Afghan worker verifies the identification card of a resident at a polling center in the Matun district of the Khost province of Afghanistan Sept. 18, 2010, during parliamentary elections.
(Image, caption courtesy U.S. Dept of Defense via Flickr)

Barring Taliban deterrence, some 3.8 million registered Afghan voters are expected to show up to the polls tomorrow.  Logistics challenges mean the final winner may not be known for several weeks, but multiple sources agree that the 2014 elections are a crucial step in Afghanistan’s journey toward democracy.

So-called elections have been taking place in Afghanistan since 2004, but have been marred by fraud and violence. Those issues are once again a concern for this year’s elections; ballot-stuffing could be an issue since Afghans hold multiple voting cards. The 2009 elections were reportedly marred by this occurrence, resulting in a win-by-default victory for current President Hamid Karzai.

New electoral laws passed last year not only made tomorrow’s election possible, they set a up a commission to deal with voter fraud “and other irregularities.” As the BBC notes, there’s a lot riding on tomorrow’s polling: “Donor countries have made it clear that continuing aid depends on fair elections.”

Keep an eye on the 8thirty8 Facebook page for updates.

PRAY: Pray that the Taliban will not stop tomorrow’s elections from taking place. Pray that no more bystanders will die at the hands of terrorists. Pray for a free election and peaceful transfer of power.

Favorite Fan/Follower Comments!

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7K0A0796_resizedTo mark our annual Facebook Fan/Follower Appreciation day, here are some of our favorite comments from the MNN page:

Thanks for the being done, we are to be the light & lifeline to a dying world out there
(From Henry Tavune on 03/01/14)

I love this,plz kp me up dated!
(From Dina Reinard on 01/11/14)

Always feed me information dat can encourage me to network with missions
(From Egbudu Alice on 11/2/13)

We love the work that Mission Network News does; your concern for the world and the Mission inspires us to enable continuing action in the most difficult environments across the globe.
(From Jason Moorhead on 10/16/13)

Thank you for opening my eyes I will be looking into this Jesus I pray you bless Mission Network News 100 fold in everything they do god bless xxx
(From Annabel Letford on 05/07/13)

Very Inspiring picture. Thank You MNN for sharing & working to Glorify Him.
(From Koshy Jinu on 04/25/13)

I heard about you, through Yes FM 89.3, Lima, Ohio, this morning… If the Church of Jesus would know more about what foreign Christians go through, it enables us to pray more specifically. Than you for your voice 🙂
(From Bill Cheshire Jr on 02/07/13)

Pray for Afghanistan: Day 2

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Dutch military troops in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan (Image, caption courtesy Remko Tanis via Flickr)

Dutch military troops in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan
(Image, caption courtesy Remko Tanis via Flickr)

Afghanistan has been a hotspot for conflict in modern history and a common battleground for international troops. As the December 2014 deadline for troop withdrawal draws near, pray it won’t leave Afghanistan in Taliban hands.

The country was taken over by Socialists in 1978, and Western forces came alongside Afghan rebels to try and reverse the Soviet land-grab. According to Peace Direct, the U.S., UK and Saudi Arabia all provided support to resistance groups. Over a decade later, Soviet troops withdrew and Afghanistan was declared an Islamic state in 1992.

As the country descended into civil war, the Taliban emerged as a political and religious power player. Terrorist attacks on U.S. embassies brought Western attention back to Afghanistan, the home base of Taliban leader Osama bin Laden, once more. Sanctions and targeted attacks began in 1998, but it wasn’t until 2001 that the U.S. and NATO began a major push on Afghan soil.

U.S. and UK troops ousted the Taliban government in December 2001. More troops were quickly sent by France, Germany and Italy to fight the Islamic insurgency.  In 2006, NATO took over Afghanistan’s national security, “its first-ever operational commitment outside of Europe”, according to BBC.

After more than a decade of conflict, foreign troops are packing up and heading home. Around 130,000 NATO troops are due to leave by the December deadline; the complete withdrawal of U.S. troops hinges on an unsigned security agreement.

With three days remaining until Afghanistan’s presidential and provisional elections, a strong prayer effort is needed. “Share” this series on social media and encourage more believers to intercede for Afghanistan.

PRAY: Pray that the withdrawal of international forces in 2014 will not lead to a return to civil war.

Pray for Afghanistan: Day 1

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(Image courtesy Hamish Burke via Wikimedia Commons)

(Image courtesy Hamish Burke via Wikimedia Commons)

April Fool’s! Afghanistan hasn’t cancelled their elections. Despite multiple attempts by the Taliban to stop the country’s democratic progress, voting will still take place on Saturday, April 5.

But why is this event so important in the first place?

“As Afghanistan goes, so goes this whole Central Asia area,” E3 Partners’ Middle East expert Tom Doyle explained in yesterday’s article. Afghanistan is a catalyst for change in a region where radical Islam has been a power player for centuries.

Shifting the country’s control away from the Taliban could result in more freedoms and hope for Afghanistan’s people. Decades of instability and conflict have left the national economy and infrastructure in ruins, and refugees comprise most of Afghanistan’s population.

While religious freedom is an unrealistic hope, Doyle noted, the election of a “moderate” candidate has potential to bring them a little more protection. Today, any connection to Christianity is deadly in Afghanistan. People who follow Christ are viewed as apostates and if their faith is discovered, they automatically receive the death penalty.

Watch this video to see what life is like for Afghan Christians. Then, share it with your friends on social media. Ask them to join you in praying for Afghanistan this week.

PRAY: Pray that the Taliban’s influence in Afghanistan will diminish.