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7K0A0796_resizedTo mark our annual Facebook Fan/Follower Appreciation day, here are some of our favorite comments from the MNN page:

Thanks for the being done, we are to be the light & lifeline to a dying world out there
(From Henry Tavune on 03/01/14)

I love this,plz kp me up dated!
(From Dina Reinard on 01/11/14)

Always feed me information dat can encourage me to network with missions
(From Egbudu Alice on 11/2/13)

We love the work that Mission Network News does; your concern for the world and the Mission inspires us to enable continuing action in the most difficult environments across the globe.
(From Jason Moorhead on 10/16/13)

Thank you for opening my eyes I will be looking into this Jesus I pray you bless Mission Network News 100 fold in everything they do god bless xxx
(From Annabel Letford on 05/07/13)

Very Inspiring picture. Thank You MNN for sharing & working to Glorify Him.
(From Koshy Jinu on 04/25/13)

I heard about you, through Yes FM 89.3, Lima, Ohio, this morning… If the Church of Jesus would know more about what foreign Christians go through, it enables us to pray more specifically. Than you for your voice 🙂
(From Bill Cheshire Jr on 02/07/13)

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