1000 more kids need sponsored to attend summer camp.

By July 20, 2006

Russia (MNN) — “It was amazing even when you weren’t telling the Gospel you could minister through your actions…it’s such a joy to help make Christ an impact on non-believers’ lives…that was really cool just to see how God worked through us regardless of language barriers.”

That’s what team members said about helping with Russian Ministries’ summer camp program last year. It’s a life-changing opportunity, for the workers who help run the camp, but more importantly, for the kids who attend, says Russian Ministries’ Lorraine Triggs.

“Many of these children are street children and orphans or are from really poor family situations, and the camps and our national workers make it a point to invite kids who live in orphanages to the camp. So the camps really are meeting significant needs in the lives of children and young people.”

Russian Ministries is hoping to send more than 5000 children and young people to camp this summer. They still need funding for 1000 more children to be able to attend. Many kids have been invited but the funding isn’t fully supplied as of yet. The staff of Russian Ministries and camp personnel are trusting God to provide the funds they need.

If you’d like to help change kids’ lives this summer, contact Russian Ministries. Just $49 (USD) will pay for one week of camp for one child, and potentially change that child’s life forever.

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