10/40 Window outreach a major focus, but not only focus for mission group

By December 6, 2005

International (MNN) — You’ve probably heard about the 10/40 Window. That’s an area of the world that describes where the majority of the world’s unreached peoples are located. That’s an area that is a focus of Mission to Unreached Peoples, a ministry based in Seattle, Washington.

Unreach Peoples’ Jeff Kwon says they have about 230 missionaries serving in about 17 different countries right now, primarily Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia. “We have people who are physicians. We have people who are serving doing tradition church planting. We have people who are serving in business. We have people doing agriculture. Those are the only ways for people to get a visa in some of those closed countries.”

Kwon says Mission to Unreached Peoples is looking for one thing, willing people to serve. “A lot of people who don’t see themselves as quote, ‘a missionary’ can be used by the Lord. We have a gentleman who is a psychologist, an accountant, engineer, a hair dresser. I have lists that are hundred vocations long of opportunities for people.”

The message Kwon has is, “Everybody is a missionary. And, we hope everybody can see that and really see the potential they have to serve. So, just because your vocation isn’t one that you might think of as a missionary, God can certainly use that.”

Although Kwon understands that not everyone can go to the mission field, he’s asking people to get involved through prayer. “We really would like to invite people and challenge people to adopt people groups and adopt ministries. It’s certainly a wonderful opportunity to get involved in what God’s doing.”

That information as well as short-term mission trips are available at their website. Click on the link to get connected.

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