12 million Books of Hope to hit Brazil this year alone.

By October 3, 2005

Brazil (MNN) — Brazil has a population of 186-million. 26-percent of the population is 15 years old and younger. Brazil has been Book of Hope International’s largest program in the world.

This year, Book of Hope’s Rob Hoskins says they’ll distribute 12 million copies, or over 60 million over four years. Hoskins says, “This is actually the final year of complete saturation of Brazil, meaning that in these past five years we will have reached every single school child in the nation with the Word of God.”

The Book of Hope is a harmony of the Gospels in chronological order. It’s the story of Jesus in the simplest form possible for kids.

Hoskins says the local church is key to making this happen. “Our strategy there is to mobilize the local churches to adopt local schools and take ownership of them by sending teams of children and young people to the schools, to reach out to their classmates and they do a presentation with drama and music, hand out the Book of Hope, and then invite them to follow-up Hope Fests events after school.”

While the Book of Hope has changed the lives of thousands of unsaved young people, it’s also had an impact on believers. “When you go out and start fishing and you start catching fish, it encourages these believers to just be evangelistic in their lifestyle. We’re actually mobilizing an army of believers in Brazil that are getting trained, mobilized and energized to continue to reach their nation in evangelism,” Hoskins says.

That energy is also gearing up to reach outside their borders, says Hoskins. “Brazil will probably be one of the great forces in this two-thirds world missions that’s taking place, where nations that have been evangelized in the southern hemisphere are mobilizing literally armies of believers.”

$1 can provide three Books of Hope to children around the world. Click on the link above to help.

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