15 year old translation is still having an impact in Burkina Faso

By August 2, 2005

Burkina Faso (MNN) — God’s Word doesn’t change. That’s evident by a report from Audio Scripture Ministries. Audio Scripture Ministries translates God’s Word and puts in on tape so non-readers can hear and understand Scripture in their own language.

Audio Scriptures’ Tom Dudenhofer says they’re getting some good reports from Burkina Faso, West Africa. “We’ve just begun to receive some reports back from a distribution in the area of Burkina Faso. And, again, the power of God’s Word just keeps repeating itself as it calls people from demon worship, as it brings people to Jesus Christ in ways we just can’t imagine.”

Dudenhofer says this harvest in Burkina Faso is not a result of a new translation project. “In this particular case, the audio Scriptures that are being distributed were recorded by our ministry teams in Kenya almost 15 years ago. It shows us that once God’s Word is put into audio, in many of these third world countries, it becomes a very important tool for evangelism, for church building and for edification of believers.”

The challenge is the new technology that may render audio tape obsolete. Dudenhofer says they need people to help take that format and update it to digital technology. “We’re looking for people to work with us in three week segments and four week segments. We’re calling it regular short-term because we have projects that people could work on for a period of time helping with the encoding.”

That will allow these translations to be used in evangelism and discipleship for years to come.

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