2006 proves to be an exciting growth year for the International Bible Society.

By January 12, 2006

USA (MNN)–The International Bible Society is preparing for a busy City Reachers 2006.

It’s a campaign that puts a city-customized Scripture portion into the hands of thousands of newspaper subscribers.

IBS’s Bob Jackson. “We are excited about the possibility of getting God’s Word into this many homes. And to this many people through City Reachers. There are some other cities that we’re talking with right now–Santa Rosa, California; Sumter, North Carolina; Los Cruses, New Mexico; and El Paso, Texas.”

In the customized Scripture portions, there are pictures of the city’s landmarks on the cover, articles about the city inside, and, says Jackson, “…testimonies from two people in that city as to how the Word of God has affected them concerning their Christian walk.”

Asked whether this approach is effective, Jackson says ‘yes.’ The Barna Research Group conducted a study in Colorado Springs shortly after that campaign ended. “There were nearly — just a few less than — four thousand people in the Colorado Springs area who professed to recommit their lives to Christ because of the distribution of the New Testament. So, we’re grateful for that resolve. Many others decided to go back to church, others decided to get back into the Word again.”

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