75k needed to reach hundreds of thousands with the Gospel in Romania

By February 6, 2006

Romania (MNN) — The phones are ringing off the hook at Little Samaritan Radio. Little Samaritan Mission is broadcast the hope of the Gospel on 23 radio stations in Romania and 12 outlets in Moldova, two countries gripped by communism in years past. Now, the Good News is broadcasting from places not possible 35 years ago.

Little Samaritan’s founder, Florin Pindicblaj, says the building that housed the propaganda machine in Romania is now home to something else. “Now, after 35 years, in the same place, in the same building we have a studio and on the top of one of the towers we put the antenna to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the millions of people in the capital of Romania.”

Radio is having an incredible impact on Moldova, which was also under communist control. Pindicblaj says one pastor reports, “90-percent, even more than 90-percent, of those coming to Christ to be baptized were the people who accepted Christ through the Radio, Little Samaritan. And then, we encourage them to seek a church where they can be involved and to grow.”

Funding is needed now in Romania, however, as they could lose three radio station licenses and thousands of souls and it’s very affordable. “The price of a car is all it takes to put a Christian radio station in Romania, $20,000 to $25,000. If we would have that money in one week, we would be on the air,” which would touch thousands of peoples’ lives. It’s uncertain how much longer thee doors will be open in the region. Already the communist part has control of Moldova.

If you’d like to help Little Samaritan Mission share the hope of Christ in Moldova and Romania, go to their website.

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