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India home to the most unreached people groups

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India (MNN) – India is home to more unreached people groups than any other nation, and the numbers of unengaged people will continue escalating according to World Mission’s Greg Kelley.

“Within the next 20 years, not only will it be the most populated Hindu country in the world, but it will simultaneously be the most populated Muslim country in the world,” Kelley says.

“So, you have this collision of Hinduism and Islam kind of colliding there and it’s a tremendous opportunity for the Body of Christ to engage, share the Gospel because when you have that amount of darkness in one country, all the more opportunity for the light of Jesus Christ to shine.”

Kelley says it’s difficult to engage Hindus in India with the Gospel because there are thousands of villages with no Christian presence.

However, World Mission has established their work by engaging through different projects including starting water projects, giving their solar-powered audio Bibles, the Treasure, and establishing churches in remote communities.

Kelley recently visited national partners and communities in India and shares there are many stories of people coming to Christ through these projects.

Treasure Distribution

For example, World Mission national partners met a woman who had been bed-ridden for ten years due to a disease that had no medical treatment. One of the partners distributed Treasures in her village in the Hindi language and God healed her.

She became passionate about God and continued listening to the Treasure.

As a result of her testimony and witness of God, 300 people in her village were moved and gave their lives to Christ.

Even now, “she is using the Treasure to disciple people and raise people up and this is less than a year that she’s known the Lord,” Kelley says.

Church Planting

Kelley shares another story from when he recently visited India.

He went to a leper community.

(Photo courtesy of World Mission via Facebook)

“They truly are the least of these. They’re outcasts. Society as a whole doesn’t want to associate in any way with them. They are given the worst quarters of these communities, but they live together. There’s a real connectivity that they have with one another, and they have such a tender heart as well, and they’re just like anybody who needs to be loved.”

World Mission distributed Treasures among the community, shared the Gospel, and told them God loves them.

Acting in love toward this community, encouraged listening groups to form, “and World Mission is planning on planting a Church before the end of this year, right in the middle of that leper colony.”

Water Filters and Wells

Finally, World Mission visiting different Indian communities and drilling wells and distributing water filters that last up to three years.

Kelley says there’s plenty of surface water like rivers in India, particularly in the rainy season.

“But it is filled with bacteria and people are getting sick, and it’s killing people literally.”

This opens opportunities for World Mission to address physical and spiritual needs.

Part of World Mission’s strategy is to drill wells, distribute Treasures, and establish a new Church next to the well.

In one village, there is a Hindu priest authority. The only known Christian in the village is his son.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to put a water well in there and to establish a Church because this [son is] being discipled and mentored by our leadership team,” Kelley says.

World Mission is currently bringing Treasures into the community, and they are praying that the Hindu priest would come to know Jesus as his son has.

Right now, World Mission has a vision to drill hundreds of wells in India so they can share the ‘Living Water’ with villagers.

“These water projects are also paving the way and opening up doors for the Gospel to go forward. We just need to get people behind this financially and with their prayers.”

Support World Mission

Help support water projects and Treasure distributions here.

Also, pray for World Mission’s national partners who are facing a rise in persecution.

“There’s a lot of local authorities that are Hindu that have been empowered and emboldened to really persecute Christians and make sharing the Gospel very difficult,” Kelley says.

“We’ve had people physically beaten. We’ve had people that have been detained for periods of time, but the thing that’s amazing is it doesn’t deter people. It doesn’t discourage Christian leaders from sharing the Gospel because they’re motivated by something that goes beyond what this world represents. They’re motivated by eternity.”

Partner with World Mission by supporting their work in India through prayer and giving.

Jesus Film backpack accelerating ministry worldwide

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International (MNN) – In closed countries, the Gospel must be brought in in undercover ways, and in remote areas, it must be mobile.

For the Jesus Film Project, this could’ve introduced a number of problems, but technology has helped their work evolve in recent years and provided ways for them to share the Gospel in closed and remote areas.

Ministry in a Backpack

“If you can imagine the Jesus Film being shown back in the day with a generator, big sound booth, a truck traveling into a rural area now is all comprised in a 17-pound backpack,” the Jesus Film Project’s Kari Kennedy says.

“Everything is contained in the backpack, and it’s a very simple tool that’s basically helping accelerate ministry all around the world.”

The Jesus Film Project purchased the backpacks from Renew Outreach. Kennedy explains the backpack contains a solar panel that can recharge the battery, which connects to the projector. It also comes with screens, poles, cable chords, and speakers that reach an audience for up to 200.

The indigenous worker who has been equipped with the resources can request up to eight languages that fit on a SD card which will have a number of different Jesus Films in those languages.

“They can then show those films out in a rural context to where people can understand it and hear Jesus in their own heart language,” Kennedy says.

Accelerated Ministry

The backpack initiative started in 2014, and Kennedy shares it has grown progressively.

“At the beginning, it was like 500 had gone out and then 1,000, and I think this past year, we looked at about 3,000 for 2017 plus and then we’re exceeding those numbers.”

Kennedy says partners or Christian leaders often get involved by word of mouth. A current partner may mention someone who’s hoping for the Jesus Film or the ministry may meet with leaders at conferences who then request a backpack set.

From there, the ministry will give the backpack to a leader in the United States who will be going to the country, or the Jesus Film Project will connect with partners to give the backpack. This ensures safe delivery of the backpack and the films.

The backpack has helped the Jesus Film Project in mobilizing the Gospel in 1,600 heart languages and they’re seeing entire communities giving their lives to Christ.

“We’ve seen how ministry accelerates if someone has the backpack because it enables them to show it not just from their phone on the Jesus Film app or even on a tablet or downloaded from a computer, but then, they can set it out on a large audience for people to see and hear who Jesus is in their heart language.”

The Jesus Film Project has witnessed a number of communities completely transformed after watching the films.

Kennedy shares that one village in East Africa had offered child sacrifices to a python. After watching the Jesus Film, people began coming to faith, and they eventually killed the snake.

(Photo courtesy of Jesus Film Project via Facebook)

Another partner was in an area and helped to provide water filters. After providing for the people’s physical needs, the believer was allowed to show the Jesus Film through the backpack set.

Stories like these show the Jesus Film Project how God is working through their ministry and even through the backpack project.

The Jesus Film Project recently received a request for more than 250 backpacks that will be strategically placed around the world. Join the ministry as they share the Gospel in heart languages by donating to this fundraiser.

Also, pray that God will continue blessing and providing the resources for this work.