A Bible translation group share God’s Story — one verse at a time.

By March 17, 2006

International (MNN)–The ‘One Verse’ program exists to disciple a new generation by connecting them with Bible-less people groups through their support of Bible translation.

One Verse is part of The Seed Company, who works around the world to translate the Bible into every language.

The primary goal of One Verse is to reach the 2,600 language communities in the world that need the Bible translated into their language.

This project is focused on the Santa Maria Zapotec people of Southern Mexico. To translate the Bible into their language, One Verse utilizes a team of people from the Santa Maria area.

Two natives of the area help direct a translation team as they work to translate the Bible into the native language. All the work is checked over by an exegetical consultant, who makes sure the translations are accurate.

There are no organized evangelical churches in this area, but in the last few years there have been missionaries entering the area. Currently there are less than six families in the area known to be Christians, so the need for the Scriptures is great.

Through One Verse, translating one verse in one language costs only $24 (USD).

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