A Bible translation workshop yields success in Nigeria.

By October 31, 2005

Nigeria (MNN)–A special translation workshop sponsored by The Seed Company in northeast Nigeria ended with good results.

Despite the possibility of complications, each team was able to check for clarity and naturalness. The challenge comes for the teams living in or near the Sharia law states, in which sectarian violence occurs regularly against Christians. However, security issues were not forefront for the workshop participants.

Instead, teams concentrated on the most efficient ways to prepare Scripture translations for their language groups. The Seed Company software specialist did good research in preparing special software to make back-to-English translations for consultants.

In Nigeria, the Seed Company has four main projects for cluster langauges and people groups. These are: Gamai (Central Nigeria), Kambari (Western Nigeria), Ninzo (Central Nigeria) and Okphela (Southern Nigeria).

Within each of these clusters, there are hundreds of thousands of speakers who will benefit from a Scripture translation in their tongue.

Pray for the 10 teams who are now taking what they learned and applying it in their translation efforts in each language.

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