A breakthrough in technology for Audio Scripture Ministries.

By May 31, 2006

International (MNN)–Audio Scripture Ministries is celebrating a breakthrough.

Partner company ‘MegaVoice’ just released the Ambassador player. With recent technology and pricing, the digital player now fits many needs for placing God’s Word in audio.

The player can hold up to 160 hours of material, has quality sound, it is small, sturdy and solar powered. Continue to pray for the distribution. The potential of ministry growth could explode to spread God’s Word to non-readers through this tool.

The Ambassador player mentioned will require some preparation to their Scripture language formats. What’s more, ASM’s digitized message is secure, meaning it cannot be erased or changed without a MegaVoice programmer. Compact and discreet, the players fit in the palm of the hand for personal listening and operate on their own internal power supply.

Pray for those involved in the details and planning of how the Ambassador player from MegaVoice will be used in cooperation with other ministries for the future of Scripture distribuions around the world.

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