A call for help goes out to keeping Christian schools afloat in Honduras.

By June 23, 2006

Honduras (MNN)–Honduras’ unemployment rate is just over 50-percent. It’s considered one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere with a lopsided distribution of income and massive unemployment.

The poverty strikes hard at every venue, especially schools. Worldwide Christian Schools’ Steve Geurink says they’re working to help keep a school partner in Catacamas (kah-tuh-KAH-mus), Central Honduras afloat.

It’s been a really rough year for them. Teachers are fighting not only a crumbling facility, but also, a budgetary shortfall.

Geurink visited the school recently, and helped them figure out what to do next. “What they’re at right now is a time of regrouping. We’re going to rebuild the school with HANDS teams, those are missions’ trips, and the other issue is that we need to raise additional support for the next year to two years to make sure that the teachers are well-paid and that they’re able to retain good teachers.”

That means they’re looking to put a team together. They’re also looking for an additional ten sponsorships of $250 a year to keep things running. At present, Geurink says, the school is consistently five thousand lempiras a month behind.

So, he explains, It starts with the rebuild, but they’re shoring up more than the building. Geurink says to see this school healthy, believers need to see the project as an investment in the groundwork for ministry.

Simply put, “The Christian education is evangelism, it’s discipleship, and it’s education all wrapped up in one. Most of these families cannot afford a Christian education and the public school education that’s available in these countries, frankly, is very poor.”

If you want to help, contact Worldwide Christian Schools using their information listed below.

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