A call-to-prayer outside a mosque leads to people coming to Christ in Cameroon.

By December 7, 2005

Cameroon (MNN)–The time was nearing for a Muslim call to prayer in a northern Cameroon village. But things went a little awry.

A team of Americans traveled to the town and met with the village chief to help find a place to show the “JESUS” Film. The chief suggested a spot right outside a local mosque.

As the team was setting up the screen, the evening call-to-prayer rang across the town’s loudspeaker. Shortly after the team set up, the mosque prayer leader came out to see what they were doing.

What could have been tension-filled moments changed when he got so excited about the film, he closed the mosque in order to watch the movie.

That night, more than 1,500 people saw the “JESUS” Film. As a result, more than 400 trusted Christ outside the mosque.

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