A Christian aid agency helps change lives in Afghanistan through compassion.

By November 19, 2004

Afghanistan (MNN)–International Aid is reaching out to help a devastated Afghani village just north of Kabul.

In Taingi Saidan, there’s no running water or electricity, and sanitation doesn’t exist. I-A was asked by the Afghan government to help restore health services to the area.

The Minister of Health placed Taingi Saidan in the national health recovery plan for the country. Working in partnership, the teams have provided medicine, trained doctors, dug wells and provided water filtration systems, all in the name of Christ.

I-A is also working with community leaders to explore launching child survival efforts in the region. That may aid general health activities for the whole community, especially in prevention. Village leaders and the local population have already expressed their strong support of this initiative.

The project has opened doors of goodwill between I-A teams and the area leaders. Pray that the seeds planted would bear fruit.

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