A Christian aid agency responds to crisis in Chad.

By June 18, 2004

Chad (MNN)–Sudanese refugees fleeing war in Darfur are crossing the border to Chad.

The security situation remains volatile, despite a cease-fire agreement. According to news reports, refugees arriving in Chad in the past two weeks have reported fresh attacks on their villages by bands of Arab fighters sponsored by the Sudanese Government.

Over 180-thousand refugees coming over this week are overwhelming already full camps, and with goods in short supply, the conditions are rapidly becoming difficult.

In response, World Vision teams are airlifting 45 tons of relief supplies to Chad. The aid is expected to be ready for distribution to Sudanese refugees beginning Sunday, June 20.

The shipment, which consists of plastic sheeting, water containers, water purification equipment, and kitchen-sets and other supplies, is being sent to assist Sudanese refugees on the eastern borders of Chad.

As teams interact with those in need, they represent the hands and feet of Christ, sharing the hope of the Gospel.

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