A Christian radio ministry provides practical help in the Philippines.

By August 30, 2004

Philippines (MNN)–The Far East Broadcasting Company’s team in the Philippines is celebrating ministry outside of radio.

The field relief team helped install a water system in a large squatters’ community near their offices in Valenzuela City.

Without a water system, the residents of Pinalagad were forced to share a common questionable water source, requiring them to stand in long lines throughout the day and night.

The FEBC team took on the cost and bureaucratic red tape of installing plumbing so that each family could have a water faucet at their doorstep.

It was a dream begun in 2003. The system was finally dedicated this year, and now provides clean water to more than 400 families.

FEBC hopes that by offering practical help to those in need, the residents they’ve helped will see love in action in the name of Jesus.

Please pray for the Pinalagad Bible study initiated by the FEBC relief staff, which currently has more children in attendance than adults. Pray that the children will accept Christ as each Savior, and by so doing, lead their parents to the Lord.

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